Our adventures in Cologne

Did ever think that I would find myself at a vampire bdsm strip party?


Might as well do this in English, for our international friends. If you Swedish people object, please post angry little messages in the comments.

The idea was that we should blog every day from Germany, but once there we found he had no internet connection. That is why the entire trip is now scuffled together in one big chunk.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

It would have been lovely to post photos to illustrate the text. Sadly I don't have the pictures we took, but they will come up here eventually.

Off we go then...

Okay, so basically we went to Cologne to show our game at GDC and Gamescom, the biggest trade fair for games in Europe, with 245.000 visitors.

I'm sure the journey down there had its misadventures and interesting difficulties, but I sincerely can't remember much of it. Evidentially we eventually arrived in Cologne and rigged our booth at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). By then we thought that was unbelievably huge. There was a lot of interesting people there, such as Crytech right next to us, and the days were full of lectures and key notes from among others CCP (Eve Online) and Remedy (Max Payne).

But little did we know...

...that the hall that we until now have seen were merely the entrance to the real fair, Gamescom. We learned that GDC were a place for business people to meet and share their wisdom, whereas Gamescom was the place for them to show the masses what awesome games they were making for next year. (And by "them" I mean "us"!) This is where the 245.000 previously mentioned visitors came into the picture.

Between the enormous booths of Square Enix (Final Fantasy) and 2K (Bioshock) you would find the slightly smaller booth of Gotland university, and that's where you could enjoy the five games we showed (Chubby Chase Race, Archaic, Exhaust, Penalty of Heroes and Walkabout). Naturally you wouldn't hear much of the music in our games, because Blizzard (World of Warcraft, Starcraft II and Diablo II) and EA (pretty much everything) made some damn fine noise just around the corner.  

I will not say that 245.000 people played Walkabout, but quite a few did indeed. After a short while we started to notice a pattern. If the person was a girl between fifteen and twenty-five, she would as a rule love walkabout. I will not say that there were a particularly great amount of these girls in a place Gamescom, but we did see surprisingly many  pretty girlfriends there, considering what the German nerds looked like. No offence...
The bottom line is that we have now built a solid fanbase of German girls.

And now for something completely different

Soon I shall stop constructing this wall of text, but there is one more thing I have to mention. It has to do with vampires. And other things...

CCP is an Icelandic company who lies behind the magnificent game Eve Online and is alone responsible for almost half of Iceland's export of IT-products. They also have a partnership with White Wolf, who makes the pen-and-paper role-playing games such as Vampire the Masquerade and Mage. They had a party, and we were invited.

This big party of theirs, it was called Descend and it had a vampiristic theme. I don't know if you are familiar with the cathedral in Cologne. If you aren't, google it. The party was held in a place right next to it, and the location couldn't have been better.

The entertainment of the party was a group of women with pointy fangs wearing a little of everything, and a very little of it. There was school uniforms, nurses, angel and demons, all splattered with blood. They had various shows were they somehow managed to strip down into wearing even less clothes, kissing, biting and spanking each other, having wet t-shirt (or rather wet underwear) contests with fake blood and as many other nasty things as you can think of. There was also shows were women was tied up live and hanged dangling from the ceiling. And free booze for all. And spectacular creatures of the night on the dance floor. And, and, and...

This was indeed something that I can now check on my to-do-before-I-die-list, even though I didn't really know it was there before.

Though I'm sure I have forgotten thousands of things I will now stop writing.

Over and out

Postat av: Sanna

Var det inte fusk att lägga till saker på att göra-listan i efterhand? I vilket fall, nu finns att gå på vampyrbondageparty givetvis på min att göra-lista :P Du får ta med mig nästa gång ^^

2009-08-28 @ 14:05:42

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