Report from Nordic Game Awards

Alright, this was thought to be a long and epic report from Nordic Game Awards but I'm to lazy so I'll just write a short brief insead. (And I can't get the pictures from my phone to the computer at the moment so they will come later)

First off, we arrived late in a green and warm Malmö and got an awesome hotellroom

*insert pic of awesome hotellroom*

There was no time to fix the booth in the evening so we went up really early, and suprised the receptionist, and went to the event hall without breakfast. Just to realize that we couldn't enter the building...

Well inside we put up our box, and fixed the booth and then we had to mirrow the whoke thing and do it over... In the end we actually come through with a quite awesome booth!

*Insert pictures of booth*

Walkabout had been hurt during the transport and had some scars, and a missing button! So Peach and I went on an epic adventure to find some breakfast and a new button. After breakfast at Subway and some hours walking around in Malmö (and accidently enterd stores like the Since Fiction Bookstore and Shock) we almost gave up our search for a button.. But on our way back to the event hall a texile store suddenly appeard! We enterd, and there it was! The most awesome Walkabout-button ever! So we brought it back to our box and glued it (and my fingers....) with some supersupersupersuper glue someone had! I think it will never fall of again!

*insert pictures of the button*

The event wasn't so big, but it was an awesome contact area for Walkabout! I befriended many people at the convent and had much fun. Peach to, even if he doesn't admit it. The bad thing was that we didn't have any buissnes cards or flyers with us and it was so many people asking for them that I ended up with making handprinted cards!

*insert picture of card*

Even thought the event was small there was some awesome games there, and we bounded with some awesome people! There are a some games I want to hightlight and that is

*insert short rewiew of Limbo*

*insert short rewiew os Ilomilo*

I also want to metion The dreammachine that some old students (graduated 12 years ago) from Gotland has made. It has a really unice style *more info*
I also want to mention Malmö's game-school that showed many awesome games that they made in only 8 weeks! These students are really rad!

We had some more adventures, and missed some partys that I might talk about later while updating this entry with pictures and info about the mentioned games.

But now I'm going to sleep.

Over and out from Erry (and Peach)

*here it will be a picture of an awesome man we found on the streets of Malmö*


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